SEO for Carpet Cleaning Companies : Clean or Dirty Investment?


Effective search engine optimization strategies can make all the difference when attempting to grow your market and reach more potential customers.  A savvy business owner knows that as consumer trends evolve, their marketing methods must grow in order to stay competitive.  The Internet has allowed carpet cleaners to reach a larger customer base, become a recognized name in the carpet cleaning industry and utilize modern marketing methods to grow their business.

Learning about effective SEO for carpet cleaners can seem time consuming and tedious, but we will outline the basics so that you’ll understand the foundation of what makes a successful business online.

Learning about effective SEO for carpet cleaners can help you understand a complex marketing world in a digital age, and simplify it to make sense to anyone no matter what industry you are in.  We will outline the basic foundation and advantages of SEO for carpet cleaning businesses and how you can benefit from increasing your online traffic.

For many consumers when they decide they need their carpet cleaned, or maybe have an accident that stains their carpet, the first thing they are going to do is reach for their smartphone or tablet.  They will likely use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find carpet cleaners in their location who offer an affordable solution to fit their needs.

Will your carpet cleaning business rank among the top results and peak their interest, or will it be one of your competitor’s listings?

What is SEO and how it can benefit carpet cleaners

Every good business owner knows about the yellow pages in the phone book, and advertising in your local newspaper, but a savvy business owner will want to take advantage of the most cutting edge marketing techniques available to them.

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, simply means the process of getting your website listed in search engines and ensuring that each page is designed for maximum effectiveness.

One of the most common mistakes a business owner makes when advertising their services is limiting their marketing efforts to a single outlet.  Newspapers, TV commercials and word of mouth are all good starting places, but they are often expensive and can have varying degrees of success.  Thankfully, the Internet opens up your business to a wide range of possibilities, if you know proper SEO techniques for carpet cleaners online.

Advantages of SEO for your carpet cleaning business

Gone are the days when a consumer would need a stationary, desktop computer and wired Internet connection to access the web.  With the advent of mobile technology, browsing the web for carpet cleaning services can take place from anywhere you have cell phone service, which is just about everywhere that you’d want your business to reach.  Yes, SEO and the Internet gives you the capabilities to reach a customer base for the new age of digital marketing that presents limitless growth opportunities.

Not all customers looking for carpet cleaners are always going to think of the phone book as their first place to look.  No, they are going to pick up their smart phone, tablet or keyboard and do a quick Google search.  For example, they may search for, “carpet cleaners in san diego.”  Well, there are only so many options in each city for carpet cleaning services, and it’s likely the customer will select a business out of the first page of search results that come up.

In fact, most potential customers searching for carpet cleaners will likely never make it past the first page in Google, or any search engine, which only contains 10 results at time.  If your carpet cleaning business isn’t listed on the first page of a search engine, chances are you won’t receive too many visitors.  That’s where SEO for carpet cleaners comes in handy.

Remember, regardless of what line of business you’re in there are going to be competitors who are trying to cut into your market share.  If you’re not taking advantage of the power of SEO and online marketing, then you can bet your competition will be.  Any business owner will be well aware of competition in their market, and the Internet isn’t any different from other marketing avenues in that regard.  The difference between ranking number 11 for carpet cleaner search terms and ranking number 5 can mean a massive difference in potential customers.

Customers are always looking for the best carpet cleaning service for the best price.  Your business may offer the top of the line services, but if people can’t find your business online, then they will never know about your exceptional offers.

Getting the most out of SEO for carpet cleaners

You don’t need to dedicate a large budget to your SEO endeavors, and there are many keywords that customers type into Google every day that don’t have a massive rate of competition.  For example, a customer may type in, “most affordable carpet cleaners in san diego.”  Granted, the number of customers typing in this search phrase won’t be as numerous as something like, “carpet cleaners san diego,” but the competition will be lower and can allow you to obtain a higher ranking for your business.  You may be able to rank in the top 3 search results for this key phrase, and if there are 1,000 people typing that phrase in each month, that’s 1,000 potential customers that you would have missed out on without using SEO.

Now, that’s just 1,000 customers for one particular key phrase in a search engine, imagine what’s possible when utilizing expert services for SEO for carpet cleaners.  If you manage to get your carpet cleaners website listed in the top rankings for 10 key phrases, each with 1,000 searches or more per month, then all of the sudden your business is gaining exposure to 10,000 new potential clients each and every month.

That’s not a bad return at all for a minimal investment in SEO for your carpet cleaners business.

One of the most exceptional benefits of SEO and online marketing over conventional methods is that once you get your carpet cleaners website listed in a top ranking in Google, it’s likely to stay there for quite some time.  If you’re using newspaper and TV advertisements, you’re going to be paying a hefty sum each month, with varying returns on your investment.

The price of getting your website SEO compliant and ranked in the search engines typically only requires a cost once you gain the desired results.  After your site is ranked, however, you can reap the benefits of added exposure without having to pay any recurring fees like you would with traditional advertising methods.  Some SEO companies will offer recurring maintenance options to ensure your site retains its high rankings, but this is not always required.

Modern SEO for the modern carpet cleaning business

The days of door-to-door marketing for carpet cleaners has been losing its effectiveness in the modern age.  Often time’s people are at work, out with their kids or generally busy without the time to listen to a sales pitch.  New and innovative marketing strategies, however, offer other avenues of marketing for carpet cleaners, ones that are often less costly and more efficient.  Why pay a door-to-door salesman, his expenses and commissions when you can use SEO for carpet cleaners to gain a steady stream of clients?

Whether you are running a residential or commercial carpet cleaning business, you’re likely servicing a particular geographic area or city.  Google and other major search engines use what is called, “location settings” for each smartphone, tablet or desktop user.  If a customer types in a phrase such as, “quality carpet cleaners” or “cheap carpet cleaning service,” then as long as your website is using the right SEO techniques it could be one of the first results that customers see servicing their area.

The more people that view your carpet cleaner’s website, the more potential your business has to gain a new client.  As any good business owner knows, more customers equal more profits.

Choosing the right SEO firm for carpet cleaners

Every business has different marketing needs, and SEO for carpet cleaners is a very different business than non-tangible services.  It’s important to select the right SEO firm that will cater to your business’s goals and customer base.

There are many SEO companies that will make astonishing claims of getting your carpet cleaners business top rankings and exposure, but often they only offer a generic “one size fits all” service for a fixed price.

Your carpet cleaning business would benefit far more from an SEO firm that works one-on-one with your business, and will cater their services to fit your individual needs.  An SEO firm that spends time speaking with their client, and explaining what they can do for your business, is far more beneficial for a carpet cleaners business.

When choosing an SEO firm, you’ll want to make sure that they have a phone number to reach them at in case you have questions.  Stay away from SEO companies that simply have a flashy website that looks professional, but does not have any way of contacting them except through email.  The best SEO firms for carpet cleaners will be willing to work with you on a personal basis, and will work to understand your company’s marketing goals.

Remember, as a carpet cleaning business owner, your job is to run the day-to-day operations of that business.  When it comes to SEO and website marketing, choosing the best company to fit your needs is the only step that you need to concern yourself with.  Once you make the choice, the SEO company will take care of all the hard work that goes into achieving high search engine rankings.

The sky is literally the limit with the power of the Internet to reach a vast customer base, and with the right SEO for carpet cleaners, you can capitalize on that potential.  Let an experienced SEO firm work for you, and for minimal effort on your part, you can see a significant increase in your business’s performance.

How to get started on performance based SEO for carpet cleaners

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Here’s how it works:

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  2. You give us some details on your carpet cleaners and the types of clients you’re trying to acquire
  3. We do our research – if we can find good search terms for your carpet cleaners business we proceed; if we don’t, we let you know that you may want to focus on something other than SEO
  4. If your firm is a good fit for SEO, we run a campaign for your business, and you shoot to the top of Google for relevant queries that your target potential clients are searching for
  5. You receive the website traffic (and the accompanying phone calls) that you need in order to schedule consultations and close clients

And it really is that easy. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to make your phones ring and increase your case load – but only if your carpet cleaning business is a good fit for search engine optimization in the first place.

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